Top District 3 Eating Spots in Ho Chi Minh

Restaurants in Vietnam

Banh Xeo 46A Part of the fun of eating out in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh is that it doesn’t all have to be upscale. The intrepid epicurean can find incredible meals made by local restaurants and street food stalls that are a regular source of satisfaction to both locals and the discerning international crowd. Banh… Read more »

Expat Healthcare in Vietnam – What You Should Know

Healthcare for expats in vietnam

The quality of healthcare in Vietnam has made great progress since the 1990’s and the country is currently working to develop a universal healthcare system. This system aims to offer cover to all residents, providing them with a basic level of healthcare. The country is currently working closely with Thailand who themselves developed a universal… Read more »

Expat Guide To Banking in Vietnam

Expat Banking in Vietnam

When moving to a new country on a long-term basis, one of the first things that you may want to do is open a local bank account. This is especially important if you have recently acquired a job and will need an account for your regular salary to be paid into. The banking infrastructure in… Read more »

Living With Pets in Vietnam

Taking Pets to Vietnam

If you have recently moved to Vietnam with your pet, or you are considering moving soon, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of involving living with pets and bringing them into the country. Cats and dogs are the most common of pets to be found in the country and… Read more »

Top 4 Ho Chi Minh Breweries & Pubs

Vietnam breweries

Goldmalt is a brand new brewery pub at 40 Nguyen Thi Tap. It’s situated in a lovely and sedate quiet area that has birdsong in the morning and is close by a city river. Sometimes you’ll see young locals training their falcons in the park. It really is a charming destination for the chilled out… Read more »

Security Concerns While Renting in Ho Chi Minh City

Security Concerns While Renting in Ho Chi Minh City

    While Ho Chi Minh City is a comfortable and relatively safe place to live for expatriates, the growing pains of a developing economy cannot be ignored. Like any place with a large income disparity, Ho Chi Minh City is not immune to the types of crime that occur in these areas, especially break-ins…. Read more »

The Districts of Ho Chi Minh: Where Should You Live?

The Districts of Ho Chi Minh: Where Should You Live?

  Ho Chi Minh is made up of a series of ‘Districts’ each distinctly different from the other. With specific advantages and disadvantages between the options it is essential that you pick where you live based on what’s best for your lifestyle. Here’s our quick guide to what to expect from each of the Districts…. Read more »