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Development of derivatives market to further spur economic growth

Stock Market in Vietnam

For better or worse, stock exchanges tend to provide a good lightning-rod example of the overall health and expected future vibrancy of a country’s business strength. As Vietnam continues to move in the free market direction, the Ministry of Finance has added a further ‘plank’ to the economic floorboards by announcing its intention to have… Read more »

Foreign Investment further encouraged in listed companies

housing in Ho Chi Minh

Towards the end of June the Vietnamese government announced it had officially lifted its limit on foreign holdings in Vietnamese listed companies. The 26 June announcement significantly removes the investment restriction in stock exchange-listed public companies. In practical terms, the new position means that instead of a limit of 49 percent for all foreign holdings… Read more »

Vietnam’s Real Estate Market Bouncing Back

Vietnam real estate

Policy changes instituted by the central government, alongside stimulus measures designed to attract investment in real estate, and strong GDP numbers have all helped in revitalizing the realty marketplace in Vietnam. Two years ago the Vietnamese central government decided it needed to try and revive the real estate market in the country, which had been… Read more »

Foreign Ownership of Public Companies Getting Closer

According to reports, the government of Vietnam is set to make an announcement on 1 July this year where it will remove its current limits on foreign ownership of banks and other companies.[i] The current situation sets a limit of 30 percent foreign ownership of banks and 49 percent ownership of other public companies (the… Read more »

Real Estate Conference Bullish About Recovery

Real estate in Vietnam conference

The Vietnamese real estate market has undoubtedly suffered over the last four years, and while many challenges still lie ahead, there now appears a belief that government action along with newly introduced laws have encouraged the opening of this market to those purchasing, investors and developers. One positive way this has been observed is by… Read more »

Measures to Boost The Vietnamese Economy by Expanding Foreign Property Ownership

New property laws in Vietnam

The recently approved law allowing for far more flexible foreign ownership of property is now in place, and the Vietnamese government expects a two-fold benefit. The first will be to boost the country’s sluggish real-estate market and secondly its intention is to accelerate the country’s economic growth. The government is targeting a 5.8 percent growth… Read more »