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Ho Chi Minh, with its population of over 6 million inhabitants, is one of the busiest cities in the world. As much as it is known for its vivacious night life. Ho Chi Minh is a fast growing business hub in Vietnam as it is an important seaport for the country. Finding a house in Vietnam might look like a tedious job, especially for the expatriate community. But to make home hunting easy for locals, tourists and expatriates, HomeConnect offers quick and easy online services.


Screenshot HomeConnect Vietnam front pageHomeConnect Vietnam is a Vietnamese based rental listing website that offers unparalleled expat home search for people looking to rent a house in and around the city. With over 30 plus years of experience in the Vietnamese real estate market in South Asia, HomeConnect Vietnam has a wide and great property portfolio to help clients find their dream homes in Ho Chi Minh City and its surroundings. The company offers landlords and tenants top notch real estate services. Our portfolio contains over hundred properties, service apartments, individual houses in secure and gated communities and more. All the houses in HomeConnect data base are carefully selected by market value.



Choosing a Ho Chi Minh Apartment for rent is an important yet confusing task especially for non natives. HomeConnect Vietnam helps expats and natives find a right home based on the client’s location preference, budget and style. One advantage that natives have is that they can visit the house in person and decide if they want to rent it or not. But expatriates do not have that luxury. Realizing this, HomeConnect lists out homes with clear photos (of every room), descriptions and location details to help expatriates choose a house of their choice. Irrespective of the budget, almost all the houses listed on the site have a video clip, showing every room in every angle to give a better understanding of the house before people decide to rent it. The HomeConnect website also has a building directory which gives a clear picture of apartments, condos and the buildings they are connected with.


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People who come to Ho Chi Minh City for a long period of stay (over a month) now prefer Ho Chi Minh Houses and apartments for rent rather than checking into a regular hotel. HomeConnect is the perfect place to find a rent-able home anywhere in the city. They have apartments, condos, serviced apartments, single house or house in a compound of various price ranges. People can choose one, two or even five bedroom houses or studios from a location of their preference.


HomeConnect Vietnam’s web portal is also a platform for property owners to list their home or apartment on our site to rent it out for natives and expatriates.


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