How to get the most out of the An Phu Neighbors Google Group

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After your move to Ho Chi Minh City, there is a very good chance that you will hear a certain Google Group entitled “An Phu Neighbors” mentioned numerous times amongst expat circles. Naturally you may be curious as to what this group is all about and wish to find out more information and possibly even join.


About The Group


An Phu Neighbors is a private group that is set up as a combination mailing list/forum and was founded in 2007 by expatriate residents of the An Phu Residential area in District 2 as a platform to provide and exchange resources and information about living in Ho Chi Minh City.


To sign up, one must follow this link: , and apply for membership. At this point you will be asked to provide a relevant reason for joining the group. Once your membership is approved you will be free to peruse the site content as well as request information.


The group has a forum setup that allows you to access and search for different subjects/topics and related conversations. You will also have the option to receive emails from other members that are sent out to the group as a whole. These emails can quickly fill your inbox so it is recommended that you opt for choosing the “abridge email receiving” option where numerous emails sent out by group members are summarized into one daily email. If you choose not to select this option, be prepared for as many as 50 emails per day from the 6,000 plus member group.


This group provides members with useful information regarding events, questions and answers regarding living in Vietnam, new businesses catering to the expatriate community, charity organizations and events, household goods for sale, animals looking for homes, family activities, domestic helper recommendations and lots of other information than can be especially useful for newly arrived families that are just settling in to the community.


Dos and Don’ts


Some general rules can be found on the front page of the group. Be sure to read these guidelines thoroughly and carefully.


The basic “Don’ts” include advertising (especially repeatedly), multi-level marketing, animal sales, and negative reviews of products or services. Posting negative reviews of businesses or individuals will result in being banned from the group immediately. All problems or concerns regarding individuals and businesses should be taken up directly with that person or business.


A couple of “Do’s” include keeping things neighborly and friendly. Avoid engaging in negative discussions or bickering. Also, check the receiver options before clicking send. Be aware that an innocent question to the poster such as “will you negotiate on the price of the dining table?” will be seen by more than 6,000 members who do not wish to see it – if you do not choose the “reply to author only” option.


If you think you are ready to sign up and start benefit from years of experience and resources compiled from other expatriates while keeping things polite and neighborly, here is the link again:


Good luck!!