The Districts of Ho Chi Minh: Where Should You Live?

The Districts of Ho Chi Minh: Where Should You Live?


Ho Chi Minh is made up of a series of ‘Districts’ each distinctly different from the other. With specific advantages and disadvantages between the options it is essential that you pick where you live based on what’s best for your lifestyle. Here’s our quick guide to what to expect from each of the Districts.

District 1

Set in the middle of Ho Chi Minh, District 1 is quite literally the center of life in the city. Ultra modern with a multitude of entertainment, shopping & nightlife options, District 1 also plays host to most of the embassies and consulates. A large number of expats choose to live here and as a result English tends to be more widely spoken in this District and you can probably meet other expats more easily as well. On the downside however, it is also, as expected, the most expensive district to live in. Perfect for a single person or young couple that’s looking to go out and meet more people, the ‘sleepless district’ as it is often called due to the restaurants, bars and nightlife may not be the ideal choice for families or people looking for a more relaxed experience.


District 2

Not too far from District 1, District 2 has a quieter suburban feel to it with wide roads and less traffic. The rents are much lower here, this combined with the fact that it commute to District 1 is not too long make it preferred choice for a lot of expats. Of course once you get home in the evening, you are probably looking at a quiet evening in when compared to District 1. Having Said that, the area is well catered to meet residents needs with a variety of restaurants, parks, playgrounds, sports clubs and shopping malls – which means it’s perfect for families and couples looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. ,


District 3

Located close enough to District 1 to make it accessible, District 3 also offers a more cost effective option for living. On the flip side the roads in this district tend to be quite narrow resulting in regular traffic jams and the reality is that housing choices are quite limited and few is any expatriates tend to choose this district.


District 7

Despite being a bit of a trek from the city center, District 7 is quite popular with expats, mostly due to the fact that it was planned as a “Western” district targeting high income people and is touted as the future of the housing market in Ho Chi Minh. This means that the villas and apartments are of a very high quality and local restaurants, shops and supermarkets cater to expat tastes and requirements. The drawback of course is the higher cost than other districts and also the distance from District 1. In recent years more global restaurant chains have also started opening up in the district which continues to develop and therefore remains a preferred choice.


District 9

This district is extremely cost effective in all aspects of housing and is a planned and ‘green’ environment. It is centrally located in terms of access to several industrial zones which play home to international companies, making it a convenient choice for many ex pats. Most housing complexes offer serviced busses that run to District 2 allowing access to International Schools and District 1 for shopping & recreation, and its best to check on the availability of this service when making a decision to live here.

There is a French school located in the district making it a choice worth considering for French families.


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