Top 4 Ho Chi Minh Breweries & Pubs

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is a brand new brewery pub at 40 Nguyen Thi Tap. It’s situated in a lovely and sedate quiet area that has birdsong in the morning and is close by a city river. Sometimes you’ll see young locals training their falcons in the park.

It really is a charming destination for the chilled out pub lover who likes a country style in the city. The Kitchen isn’t serving food yet but the brewery is up and running. Goldmalt breweries dominate Hanoi and now they’re expanding into HCMC.

This kind of pub suits customers who enjoy ales, stouts and Guinness drinks. You may wish to try their Goldmalt and Hoa Vien here in Saigon but other options include lighter lagers such as Big Man Beer, German Black Beer, Gammer and Lion.

The owner of Goldmalt is Mr. Long, who earned his brewing skills during a 20 year stay in the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia as it was known during the Communist days. Mr. Long lives in Hanoi but is increasingly spending time in HCMC as his brewing empire expands.

Goldmalt’s water is brought from a well in Hoa Long about 80 km from Saigon as the water in Saigon has excessive levels of iron.

Golden Prague

Golden Prague beer at Lan Anh Restaurant and Microbrewery is in HCM City’s District 10. The two-story wooden house serves Czech Beers and also Czech food is on the menu. The beer is brewed in a glass screened and air conditioned micro-brewery on the ground floor that makes for an enjoyable experiential drinking and eating environment, although brewing aficionados can make inquiries about a closer look during a scheduled examination of the brewing process  when it’s opened up to sightseeing.

The staff are often to be found dressed in traditional Czech attire and dancing displays take place if a festive mood takes your fancy. Golden Prague offers classic Czech blonde beers that are brewed using Pilsner style technologies often used to make the 300 year old Staropramen brand. The beers are served in third of liter ceramic mugs, adding a twist of authenticity to a pleasant afternoon’s beer drinking.

Lion Brewery Ho Chi Minh

The Lion Microbrewery at Lion Restaurant in District 1 is a popular destination with the expat crowd and tourists looking for a bit of international brewing action. The German style beers and lagers are created by a German trained master brewer who earned his credentials at Lowenbrau and Paulaner.

The brewing meets the exceptional high standards of Thuringian Law known as Statuta Thaberna that comes even earlier than the “Reinheitsgebot” standards set in 1434, that was subsequently adopted in Bavaria in 1516. Essentially these laws are about using simple natural ingredients including water, malt and hops.

All the ingredients are imported from Germany and brewed in their in-house Kaspar Schulz brewery. Naturally the Lion Beer has its own distinct flavor but this micro-brewery is a top German style beer tasting destination for people to enjoy. 

Hoa Vien Brewery

Hoa Vien Brewery is the oldest and No 1 Microbrewery in Ho Chi Minh City. The new location is a little hard to find so if you’re not a natural location finder, take a couple of minutes to get your geographic bearings. Hoa Vien Brauhuas is a Czech style brewery that has a great reputation for brewing the tastiest of beers.

Experts say the darker beers are exquisitely authentic, and the atmosphere is loud and hearty like a real European beerhouse should be. The Hoa Vien brand opened up in Saigon, 1995 so they’ve been around for 20 years now, and have expanded into Hanoi and Mui Ne with a total of five establishments up and running.

This latest establishment opened up in June 2014 so it’s all sparkling new, with English speaking staff and accessible prices in a well-managed environment.