Networking Scene and Event Resources in Ho Chi Minh City

Networking in Ho Chi Minh City

Right now, the Ho Chi Minh’s networking scene is a big deal. After earning a reputation as a burgeoning center for start-ups and entrepreneurs, networking has started to grow in leaps and bounds. Ho Chi Minh’s own District 1, the commercial hub of the city, has also earned a reputation as the digital nomad district.


In this area of the city, you will meet several people from all walks of life looking for professional networking connections.


The people that give life to Ho Chi Minh’s networking scene are exceptionally receptive. Moreover, you will find them in the most convenient of places, for instance, restaurants. The presence of many online networking groups also makes the networking scene quite exciting and fulfilling, something that few cities in South East Asia can match.



Event Resources


Below is a list of the top places to look and find information on local networking events in Ho Chi Minh City.



Citynet events is one of the most popular recourses for networking in HCMH and the go to place for business professionals to find out where to go and what to do. You can search the website to look for events in particular areas, as well as choose events based on your preferences.


The site also lists workshops and courses, so if you are looking to learn the local language, or maybe learn how to join a sports club, this website will certainly be able to help you.



This is more of a blog type website that provides news and feature stories but it also has classifieds and a what’s on guide. The events calendar feature is great as it allows you to search for events on a particular date.


The what’s on guide covers HCMC or Vietnam in General.




ILV is a social organization that consists of around 250 women from more than 45 countries who currently reside in Ho Chi Minh City. They hold a coffee meeting once a week on a Thursday morning at the Intercontinental Hotel.


There is also a monthly evening meeting which includes social activities, guest speakers and cultural information. This is a great event for networking if you are female, or just generally want to make friends with people also living in the city.


Membership is required and renewable annually.




NetworkGirls is a Facebook group which is also for women living in the city. It is a great community where people can discuss with others and post questions that they may need answering.


The group also holds a monthly cocktail evening where everyone can get together, network and have some fun. They also hold breakfast events now and again.


NetworkGirls Facebook page is a great resource centre for all females living in the City.



So There You Have It!



If you currently reside in HCMC and are eager to meet up with other expats in the city, use the links above to start making new friends and connections immediately.